Powder Coating Automotive Parts.

Our automotive powder coating process gives a long-lasting, hard wearing finish.

Powder coating is an extremely reliable method of applying a thick, even coat of colour to bodywork, parts and accessories.

The Process:

  • Steel and aluminium components are shotblasted or sandblasted to remove previous paintwork and imperfections, allowing for an even surface.
  • Chemical treatments may be applied to allow for full removal of oil, dirt, grease and oxidation. This assists in good adhesion of the powder coating.
  • The item to be coated is electrically grounded and coloured powder is sprayed from an electrostatic gun on to the surface to be coated. The positive charge from the gun encourages the powder to adhere to all parts of the grounded item.
  • Once the full powder coat has been applied, the item is cured in an oven at around 200°C, allowing the powder to melt and form a thick, even surface.
  • Once cooled, we manually check the items for a good quality finish.

RAL Colour Choice

Our powder coating can be colour-matched to your current paintwork, or you can choose a colour from the popular RAL colour system:

Suitable Parts

Most parts on a modern vehicle are suitable for powder coating, including:

  • Exhaust tips
  • Alloy wheels
  • Rocker covers
  • Body panels
  • Spoilers
  • Engine components

Some components may require extra preparation or top coats, depending on materials or finish required.

If you're not sure about which parts you should get powder coated, just give our team a call on 01256 460 560 and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Do you perform powder coating on all vehicle brands?

Yes, we can powder coat components from all brands of vehicle, including: