What is Diagnostics?

Our Diagnostics equipment plugs into your car's ECU and scans various areas of the vehicle systems. The result is a list of any problems and error codes.

How can this help my vehicle?

There are many advantages to running diagnostics on a vehicle, including:

  • Clearing error codes
    Once a fault has been fixed, the fault light on the dashboard may need resetting.
  • View live vehicle data
    Engine readouts can be compared to the expected values to diagnose potential issues.
  • ECU controlled component tests
    Some car components can be activated with a signal from the ECU and this can be tested for correct functioning.
  • Service light reset
    Once a vehicle service has been carried out, the service warning indicator can be reset.
  • Brake caliper¬†adjustment
    Cars with an electronic handbrake require a special 'service mode' to allow rear brake pads to be changed or serviced.

Remember, the engine diagnostics procedure scan may often give an early indication of many problems not indicated by warning lights on the dash.

What cars can have diagnostics?

Every modern car has a diagnostics port to access the ECU, although some may require special adaptors.