Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a great option to increase driver and passenger comfort in your vehicle. Air-con and Climate Control are becoming more common in modern cars, with only lower-end vehicles missing out.

It's important to regularly use your car air-con, to maintain the quality of the seals and the refrigerant within the pipes. When air conditioning is rarely used or has not been serviced for years, it can become less effective or even stop functioning entirely.

We offer a number of options for getting your car's climate systems running at peak efficiency:

  • Diagnosis of issues
  • Leak tests
  • Simple air-con re-gas
  • Full air-con servicing
  • Replacement of seals, pipes or condenser

We have the latest equipment to service air conditioning, ensuring that we adhere to environmental policies regarding waste gases.

We recommend you get your air conditioning serviced every 2 years minimum. At Performance Car Specialist Ltd we can set you up with a regular schedule and contact you before your next air-con service is due.

Which vehicles can have air-con servicing?

We provide air conditioning and climate control servicing to ALL brands of vehicle, including: